Judy infecting millions of Android users

Every software has associated risks with it and one of such risk is malwares. What is a malware ? Malwares are nothing but the malicious softwares. Such softwares affect various softwares. Types of common malwares are viruses, worms and many more. An attacker can get access to unprotected softwares through these injected malicious codes or malwares and affect the software performance by slowing down the system, using memory space and so on. Malwares can even make changes to data or even steal them. Thus such malwares are a threat for software as well as its users worldwide and can greatly affect the software.

One such new malware called ‘JUDY‘ has made it’s way to Google playstore and infected 8.5-36.5 million users according to research firm checkpoint.
After discovering about this malware, checkpoint alerted google, which has started to remove infected areas. According to reports, these apps were available on playstore since 1 year or more.
Checkpoint said that malware is an auto-clicking adware which was found on 41 apps developed by a Korean company. This malware uses the infected device to generate a large number of fraudulent clicks on advertisements. Which in turn gets revenues for people behind its preparation.

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Working of the malware JUDY

Apps which were infected by judy were present in playstore under the garb of casual cooking and fashion games under the brand name of Judy. After installation of app, the Malicious code for this malware was downloaded from non-google server because of which the malicious activities didn’t come under the radar.
The phone infected by this malware would forcefully or undesirably click on google ads thus generating revenue for its attacker.
Checkpoint discovered that the other software developers who borrowed the code from Judy line of games, also knowingly or unknowingly ended up with the malware.

Source and credits – newsbytesapp.com

Image source – Google Images


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