Google2018: Launch of the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL.

Google Pixel 3 XL

Every year in October Google launches devices that are the benchmark to every other brand, most awaited by everyone and are new in itself. Google is known for keeping the devices minimal in case of hardware and wide in range of accessibility with software. Always with one camera, no bloatware, better performance, and an amazing UI. Let’s get to know what the Pixel devices have to offer us.

Pixel 3 XL


OS                          Android P

Screen                    Gorilla Glass 5
                               Pixel 3 – 5.5 in, 2160×1080 OLED
                               Pixel 3 XL – 6.3 in, 2960×1440 OLED

Processor               Snapdragon 845

RAM                       4GB

Memory                 64GB/128GB NOT expandable

Camera                  Back camera with 12.2mp/f1.8
                              Front cameras with 2x 8mp/f1.8, field of view between 75 and 97 degrees

Battery                   Pixel 3 – 2915mAh
                              Pixel 3 XL – 3430mAh

3.5mm Jack            No

USB                        Type C

Body                      Full glass body with Aluminium side rails
                              Back Panel with soft textured glass that allows Wireless Quick charging

Box Content           Phone
                               In Ear-style headphones with USB-C connector
                               USB type-A to USB-C adapter
                               USB-C to 3.5mm jack
                               Quick charger
                               USB-C Cable
                               SIM ejector Pin


Price                       USD 799(INR 58,875)
                               USD 899(INR 66,243)



Only Exclusives in Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Top Shot – This feature allows the user to get the best out of clicking an image. It does analyze a photo and also the other frames captured with it, and the AI recommends the best image. And this feature is so precise that even if anyone in the picture is blinking or hairs in their face it selects the best and the user will not have to even click other picture, the best image is just waiting for you.
Shhh Mode – Just flip your phone face down to mute any sounds and notifications. The phone takes a hint and activates this mode to help you concentrate on the work you do.
Night Sight – It allows the user to take great photos even in a darker environment. A camera mode that uses machine learning to choose the right colors for the objects and the environment in the image.
Call Screening – Google Duplex lets the caller interact with your Google Assistant. Whenever you get a call, you have 3 options to choose; Decline, Screen Call, Accept. Either option are the regulars, whereas when you choose screen call, you see the text on the screen that is actually transcribed(callers voice) by the Google Assistant. And you can also select options you want your assistant to reply, and all this happens as if a regular call. Plus, this activity is performed locally and none of the conversations is shared.
Motion Auto Focus – When in video mode just tap on people or even animals that move around and you will not miss their movements with better quality video.
Photo Booth Mode – With this mode the user only has to smile or make a funny face and get a picture clicked. No need to press any button or touch any screen for same.




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