Angry Birds Evolution It Is!!

The Angry Birds are back! Build your team,train your birds and kick the pigs off Bird Island!!!

With lots of games trying to come back with a bang, Rovio Entertainment Ltd. – the makers of Angry Birds have managed to steal the spotlight with its new sequel called “Angry Birds Evolution”.  This year many games such as Clash Of Clans tried to introduce something new and something challenging for us, users which are always desiring for finding something interesting in the Gaming Department.

So What’s Different In This Game ?

For the first time ever in the history of angry birds

  • 3D Role Playing.
  • 100’s of new Birds.
  • New “Super Abilities”.
  • Based on the Angry Bird’s Movie.

What More Do You Want?

3D Role Playing:

As shown above, the Gameplay experience is totally different from any other Angry Bird game on the same platform. The game provides you with a full sized 3D screen to hit the targets i.e pigs.

100’s Of new Birds :

While assembling your team to tackle different levels of difficulties of pigs we need more birds . Well you get them in abundance for sure!

New Super Abilities:

Well when you got new birds where’s the fun if you don’t have special abilities? Charge up to max power levels and use the all new super abilities to their full extent of destruction as you release the rage upon green pigs.

Based on Angry Birds Movie:

Like the movie you get to experience the “Angry Birds Island” in a whole new perspective. For all you gaming enthusiasts out there the ultimate goal in the game is to reach the mighty Eagle’s nest .

Well what else do you need ? This new Angry Birds Game will change the mobile gaming history !  Mayhem! Drama! Hilarious fun! Join the craze today!

Download For iTunes 

Download For Android



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