ARKit changing the face of the future!

ARKit or simply known as the augmented reality kit is a cool new app designed by apple and was introduced with the new iOS 11 update recently. The ARKit app is Apple’s way of making people aware of the augmented reality technology and also encouraging many developers to opt for augmented reality. ARKit revolutionizes gaming community by adding real life virtual objects using various methods namely:

  1. World Tracking
  2. Plane Analyzers
  3. VIO(Visual Inertial Odometry)
  4. Scene Understanding and Lighting Estimation
  5. High-Performance hardware and rendering optimizations.

World Tracking:

Augmented Reality (AR) describes user experiences that add 2D or 3D elements to the live view from a device’s camera in a way that makes those elements appear to inhabit the real world. ARKit combines device motion tracking, camera scene capture, advanced scene processing, and display conveniences to simplify the task of building an AR experience.

Plane Analyzers:

This feature will make the device recognize the plane or the surface on which the virtual object is to be placed and will further decide the objects anchor points on the plane or the surface.

VIO(Visual Inertial Odometry):

ARKit uses Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) to accurately track the world around it. VIO fuses camera sensor data with CoreMotion data. These two inputs allow the device to sense how it moves within a room with a high degree of accuracy, and without any additional calibration.

Scene Understanding and Lighting Estimation:

With ARKit, iPhone and iPad can analyze the scene presented by the camera view and find horizontal planes in the room. ARKit can detect horizontal planes like tables and floors, and can track. It can alsoย place objects on smaller feature points as well. ARKit also makes use of the camera sensor to estimate the total amount of light available in a scene and applies the correct amount of lighting to virtual objects.

High-Performance Hardware And Rendering Optimizations:

ARKit runs on the Apple A9 and A10 processors. These processors deliver breakthrough performance that enables fast scene understanding. It lets you build detailed and compelling virtual content on top of real-world scenes. You can take advantage of the optimizations for ARKit in Metal, SceneKit, and third-party tools like Unity and Unreal Engine.

All these features and plenty of new stuff with the new iOS 11 Update is transforming the new iPhone or iPad experience on a whole new level.

To Download This App you have to become an apple developer by simply registering to Apple Developer.

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