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Good News for all the Reader!!!!

Look-up – A great app for all the busy and lazy READERS out there!!! Are you bored of opening dictionary every time you face a new word? Do you often feel a need to refer dictionary but want to reduce the efforts and time needed for the same? So we have a good news and a great app for you… ‘ Look Up- a pop up dictionary ‘.
This app can help you find the meaning of words even when you are offline and just within a few seconds. Now a few of you may be thinking about why to use this app when you can search for words online. So let me ask you something…

In today’s world, we can say that being able to speak and understand English is a new basic need after food, clothing, shelter and ofcourse mobile phones, hahaha! Many times some people come across a situation where they need to communicate in English in their day to day work. It may be a challenge for some people who are not so fond of English and have a problem with understanding and speaking English.

At such times the person needs to refer to a dictionary every time he comes across a new word. Not only for professionals but also for all the people who just love reading books this may be a matter of concern.

The readers who often read various books or visit blogs may come across a new word each time and they may face the difficulty understanding the content. Right?
So what to do at such times? Of course, you can search for the word on Google or use your online dictionary. But for me, it’s boring to search for a word online every time.
So I have a good news for all the people like me who often feel a need to refer dictionary but with reduced efforts.

Look Up – A Pop Up Dictionary

Here’s an offline dictionary which will help you find your words with less efforts thus reducing your burden. Here’s an app which will help you find out the meaning of different words within a second and without any trouble.

‘Look Up – A popup dictionary’ finds the meaning of word selected and shows a pop for that word with respect to noun, adjective, verb nd various forms and lets you star those words for a quick access when you use the app.

Look up even provides a feature which can pronounce a word for those having a problem with the pronunciation of a particular word and helps you translate the words into your favorite language.
Now no need about searching for a word very often. Get the meaning of each and every word with a few clicks.


Now no longer need to get irritated of opening dictionary every time.

Get the meaning of each and every word on your finger tips.

Pop-Up Dictionary

Watch this video to know how it actually works

How this app works:-

After typing and copying the word this app displays a pop-up for that words with various forms of noun, adjective, verb etc.  Along with meanings, this pop up provides various options for translating the word into your favorite language. Also it provides an option to star the word for quick access next time and an icon for getting the pronunciation of that word spoken.

Steps :-
1. Go to the Play store.
2. Search for ‘Look up – A Pop Up dictionary’
3. Install the app
4. Open the app
5. Search for the desired word in the space available for search operation
6. Copy the word
7. You will get a pop up for the meaning of the word with different forms and various options like star, translate, speaker for pronouncing the word.

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