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Resume builder is a free resume maker  app that helps you create your resume in 10 different templates. This top rated resume builder app is available for free on the Playstore under the name ‘My Resume Builder, CV free jobs’. By using this app you can make a professional resume. This app enables you summarize the necessary details for your resume.

So, as everyone knows Resume / CV is an important document now a days from professional perspective which is required by an applicant to apply for jobs and internships. It is mandatory to have a well developed professional resume. And as said first impression may be a last impression. While you apply for a job and go for an interview your resume plays an important role. An attractive resume may increase an interviewer’s interest in knowing about you.

But what if your resume is slightly unprofessional or not properly developed? This may spoil your impression right? Your resume should be up to the point as well as well describing. So for the people who have good experience of work and have attended several interviews this may be a matter of little concern as they might have often developed and edited their resumes. But what about freshers and new comers? The young generation who just completed their graduation or say any kind of education may face a problem with creating their resumes right. You may have to struggle to make a perfect, professional and well developed resume. So are you looking for a way to make resume format as an excellent one?

Well anyone who’s frustrated with this problem of not getting a proper resumed made. I have a good news for you all. My Resume Builder, CV free jobs is an app which helps you create you resumes for free. It helps you creating point to point, well developed and professional resumes with 10 different templates / formats which the users can view and create their resume by selecting the template and provides you the feature for updating you resume for future use.

Features of this app :-

– 10 different resume formats available for free
– Step by Step guide for creating an impressive job winning CV.
– PDF version of CV, resume
– Allows updating your CV

Steps :-

1. Search for ‘My Resume Builder, CV free jobs’ on Google Playstore.


2. Install the app.

3. Open the app.

4. A window appears asking you to enter your name and to create a new profile for resume.

5. Enter your name and click on create new

6. A window for contact information appears. Enter your details and click on save.

7. Proceeding further you will see a page for creating academic details. Enter and save the details.


8. After that you will get a window for entering your work experience.

9. A window for providing project details will appear on your screen. Enter your details and click on save.

10. Enter your skills, strengths, hobbies and field of interest.

11. Give details about your industrial exposure.

12. Create reference by entering the reference details.


13. Provide your photo and signature.

14. Enter your career objective.

15. Prepare your cover letter.

16. Save all the above information and generate your resume using desired format.

17. View your resume.

With this pretty perfect Professional Resume, You are ready to apply for JOB.

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