Photomath – World’s smartest camera calculator

Photomath is the world’s smartest camera calculator.

Photomath is an app that can solve all your math problems just by pointing your camera towards a problem. Also, it shows the result with detailed step by step instructions.

Every individual who hates maths and don’t like to solve those maths problems by carrying out a number of operations, can understand how irritating and frustrating it is to solve those tricky problems on your own..right? Of course, you can use a calculator to perform different operations and solve a problem. But for someone who likes shortcuts and hates typing the query everytime or wants fast results like within a second and without any efforts, typing the problem every time may become a boring thing.

So for all the people who don’t like maths and the lazy ones out there who want their math problem to be solved within seconds and without any efforts, “Photomath” can be your best friend !!!

Photomath is an app which scans your written maths problem and provides you a solution along with step by step instructions. So now don’t worry about solving your tricky maths problems (which you don’t like, hahaha!) on your own. All you have to do is write a maths problem that you want to be solved or take a pre-printed problem and scan it by using this app. And you will get your answer ready in front of you with instructions. In addition, if you prefer typing problems directly in the calculator instead of scanning it, Photomath provides you an option to type the problem and also allow you to edit the problem.

Features of Photomath:-

  • Helps to edit a problem and allows selecting the variable for which you want the solution.

  • Allows sharing the solution using different social platforms.

  • Also, provides history so that you can view previously solved problems and their solution.

  • Provides language selection.

Steps to use Photomath:-

  • Download “Photomath-camera calculator” from Play Store.

  • Open the app and scan the problems you want to be solved by using the camera of Photomath.

  • Once scanning is done properly answer for your problem will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the red box on the screen to view the step by step solution.

  • For problems containing more than one variable, select the variable for which you want the answer. Photomath will show the answer with respect to that variable.

Woaahhh!!! Your maths problem is solved without any efforts!

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