Learning and fun is no longer an Oxymoron, thanks to PlayAblo app

When I was a kid, the one thing I hated the most was studying. The thought of it just terrified me. I wanted to run away from it, ever.


I’d no option. I’d to study anyway.

That was a time when there were no smart phones lying around as they are today. No technological advancement as it is today. And, thus, our inspiration and source were the good old books (Oh, wait, were they?) and the boring text. Sentences and paragraphs and pages of unimpressive, non-compelling text.

That, though, was a long time ago. It’s 2017.

And the world has raced ahead ridiculously fast. Now-a- days, if I see some person reading from a book, I’m like “High five to you, Sir”.However, as technology has advanced and we’re contemplating the so called digital age,

However, as technology has advanced and we’re contemplating the so called digital age, there’s a lot of change in the way we – humans – are consuming knowledge.

Interactive ways are being invented all the time, trying to make learning more fun.

Specifically for children of age group 5 to 10, years when it’s really difficult to get them to study.

And, in this quest are PlayAblo, a Bangalore based start-up.
PlayAblo’s quest comes down to one phrase:

A bit about the app:

PlayAblo is a learning app for CBSE and ISCE Grades 1-5, built to make learning fun and intuitive for your child.
What makes this app stand-out from hundreds of others that offer something similar?

Well, here’s what:

#1 Expertly Crafted

The app has been built by experts in education, child psychology, software developers and content creators together, to provide a world-class experience and make learning extremely fun for the children.

#2 Quiz Based Interactive Learning

The app consists of thousands of 7 question quizzes divided into practice and challenge sections. This enables children to try answers and learn from their mistakes.

#3 Reward of Praise

Praise always motivates the up-growing. The one compliment from teachers’ or relatives is enough to boost confidence and wanting to achieve more. And that has been taken well into consideration while creating PlayAblo, consisting of Awards, Badges, and Rewards on reaching various milestones.

#4 Competition? Well, that’s fun

Competition can seem intimidating. But in the custom, fresh-looking interface of the app, it seems less daunting, almost fun to try and beat others and gain high ranks on the leader board. Moreover it’s a general human tendency to get attracted, even addicted, to numbers. Anything that can be measured is good. And PlayAblo knows that very well,

#5 Detailed Analysis

Parents can analyze their wards’ gradual progress via many metrics the app provides to track growth or decline. This can help children to concentrate on parts they’re weak in.

#6 Real time evaluation

Another cool feature the app provides is it evaluates the users’ response and tells if it’s right or wrong that very instant.

#7 Complementing School Learning

PlayAblo has been built, taking into consideration the curriculum of CBSE & ICSE grades 1-5. It very well complements the lessons children learn at school.

Downloading & Setting Up PlayAblo

Step #1: Download the App on your Android phone from the Play Store:

Step #2: Create a new account. You can use any of your social channels to set-up a fresh account or simply using your email id.

Step #3: Walkthrough the dashboard:

  • Home – The interface you see as soon as you turn on the app.
  • Leaderboard – The Leaderboard interface consisting of leaderboard and
    Achievements sections.
  • Logs – Takes a note of all the activities in given time frame, like Today, Yesterday, Last Week, etc.
  • Reports – Detailed analysis of students performance, expressed very simply using charts and graphs.

The top right-hand corner consists of 3 horizontal lines, clicking upon which the Account Details and Membership Details can be viewed.Pricing


Some of the basic lessons are provided free of cost in the app, as a trial.
More lessons can be accessed starting at Rs. 39/month.

However, all the lessons can be accessed in a variety of packages starting from Rs. 299/month to Rs. 2990/year, which can be accessed and paid for through Membership details.



As times change and more technological advancement unrolls, newer and newer ways will be invented for children to be able to learn more stuff in ways they would want to.

PlayAblo, definitely, does justice when it comes to providing one such platform.If you’ve got a child, sibling, cousin or just someone you’d want to help with, in learning,

If you’ve got a child, sibling, cousin or just someone you’d want to help with, in learning, PlayAblo is definitely something you should try.

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