Seeing AI – Even the blind have eyes!

The newest most spectacular of Microsoft allows even the blind to see things that we see around us in an excitingly new way. Introducing “Seeing AI”the most amazing interpreter we’ve ever seen.

Seeing AI is an app developed by Microsoft for the visually impaired people. It’s a talking camera app which helps the visually impaired people see what’s going on around without anybody’s help. Designed for low vision community this research project harnesses the power of AI to describe people, texts, and objects.

These 6 amazing modules under this app which co-operate together to give the ultimate edge in the ever so busy human environment. These modules are as follows:

  1. Short texts.
  2. Documents.
  3. Products.
  4. Person.
  5. Scene.
  6. Currency.

With the last two modules still under beta testing.

1.Short Texts:

Hold the camera over some text to have it automatically read to you. As new text comes into view it will also be read out loud. While reading out loud Seeing AI may start again from the beginning if the camera captures a clearer image of the text.


Hold the camera over a printed page to capture it. After the text has been recognized you can use Voice Over commands to navigate it. Seeing AI will guide you with camera placement until all edges of the document are visible and the photo is taken. Make the necessary adjustments until you hear “Hold Steady”. A good technique is to place the camera in the center of the page and slowly move it away making slight adjustments. This channel works best when there’s a high contrast between the page and the background, like a white document on a dark surface.


Hold the camera over a barcode to hear the product name. Seeing AI will guide you with the camera placement until the barcode is detected:

  • Move the phone over the product until you hear the beeps that indicate barcode is nearby. Starting farther away and slowly moving the phone closer works best.
  • The faster the beeps, the closer you’re to the barcode.
  • When the barcode is detected, Seeing AI will say the product name.
  • If additional information about the product is available the More Info button will be available.

This module is available only for iPhone 6, iPhone SE, and later.


Scan your surroundings to find out how many people are around you, how close they are, and their facial expressions. If you’ve taught the app to recognize a particular person, their name will be announced when they come into view. You can teach the app to recognize someone by selecting Face Recognition in the menu.

The app will also tell you the position of each face it detects, which can helpful for centering a person’s face in the camera view when taking a photo. After taking a photo the app will give you an estimate of person’s facial characteristics and expressions.


This latest feature uses Artificial Intelligence to describe an overall scene. As this is still a beta version module people are advised to use with caution.

Take a photo and hear the description of the scene you captured.


To detect the currency you have accurately you just have to place the camera over it and this will recognize the amount you got. It’s still under testing because if you get fake currency notes the app needs to recognize it.

That’s all about Seeing AI overall a pretty accurate app which helps the people with poor sight and it’s amazing.

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