WikiHow : how to do anything

WikiHow is the solution to every how to do problem. Wikihow provides easy, step by step, illustrated instructions to teach you how to do anything. Yes you read that right,  Anything !!! You can easily learn how to do anything from Wikihow.

We often come across a situation where the main problem we face is ‘How to Do ??’ something right? Whenever we come across something new we always get this question. Wether its Cooking Food, First Aid, learning a New Technology or Fitness. No one knows when they will face the problem – How to do something.
So for everyone out there who faces a problem of how to do something that they are not familiar with, Wikihow is here for your rescue !!! With Wikihow, You can learn anything, yes anything !!!

Wikihow is world’s leading how-to guide. It provides step by step instructions on every imaginable topic that a common man can have. So now you can become a DIY (Do It Yourself) Master with this app. It will be your friend whenever you need answer to any of your how-to problem. WikiHow helps you learn cooking by providing different recipes, first aid or how to recognize a heart attack, even a hundreds of other topics that could save a life. It even helps you learn how to use your Android phone, tablet, different apps and even knowledge of various tech topics. It also has a category for Fitness and life hacks.

Also a just in case category where you can get answers of hundreds of imaginary questions like how to escape from a bear, how to fly airplane in emergency and various other things you will probably never need but will have immediate access to just in case.
So wikihow is a friendly, easy and ever handy app which can help you in any situation.

Features of Wikihow app :-

With this app, you can –

1. Search over thousands and lakhs of Wikihow articles.

2. You can even bookmark the articles that you want to read later when offline.

3. It provides you step by step photos, videos and illustrations to help you learn things.

4. It allows you to browse random articles on wikihow for entertainment.

Steps :-

1. Search of ‘Wikihow – how to do anything’ in Playstore.

2. Install the app.

3. Open the app.

4. As soon as you start a app you will see a interface with a search option and various random articles for how to.

5. Search for the topic of your choice nd various of articles will appear on screen. Select the article you want to read and you will get a answer for you question.


6. The menu option on the home page will give you various options like random, browse category, bookmark etc.

7. Random – includes various articles on different random topics.

8. Browse category – gives a interface with different categories like food, computers, fitness, etc. Select the category of your choice and you will see various articles related to that category.

9. Bookmark – shows you the articles that you have earlier bookmarked for easy access.


So now you can learn anything you want to, with the help of Wikihow.


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