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Realtime GPS

Are you always worried about where your friends and family are ? Everyone feels that we should be there for our loved ones when they need us right? Wether its going alone to a new place, being outstation, late night travelling or moving for work.

Whenever our loved ones are away from us we always pray for their well being and want them to be safe. But what if someday your friends or family members need you someday and because of some unpleasant circumstances they can’t contact you? It’s a matter of worry for everyone right?

But now you don’t have to worry anymore because now you can easily track your loved ones with a simple and friendly app – Zenly locator. Zenly allows you to track the location of your loved ones with a few clicks.

  1.  Easy to Download 
  2. Quick Access 
  3. Locate Easily
  4. Easy to Register :-  just by registering mobile phone no.
  5. Easy to message :- with Inbuilt messaging option.
  6. Privacy :- Enter to Ghost mood for extra privacy.
  7. Different map view option:
  • Standard view.
  • Satellite view.  &
  • Hybrid view.

Just need to download Zenly Locator app in both the respective phones,to get connected with each other. 

Steps for downloading zenly:

  1. For android
  • Search for zenly on playstore.
  • accept to download.
  • Once it is installed you are now ready to go.

             2. For ios

  • search for zenly on apple play store.
  • accept to download.
  • Once it is installed you are now ready to go.

 And you are always close to your loved once.

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