How to Protect Yourself from Viruses, Hackers – Basic Computer Security

Computer Security is one of the most important things, nowadays. In today’s world, where almost everything is going digital, security is must required. Computer Security is keeping your computer safe from viruses, hackers, and thieves.

The normal belief of common people is that computer security is very complicated and needs a great Technical knowledge. When we get into very deep to achieve security, it surely is a difficult technical job. But here are the basic things, one can do to improve computer security.

1.Use Antivirus

This is a most basic thing required to keep you safe online. Antivirus gives you a great protection from viruses and malware. There are hundreds of antiviruses(paid as well as free) available in the market.  Every now and then news comes up that some particular antivirus is the best and following it comes more articles saying other antivirus outperformed it.

NPAV Antivirus

You should use an Antivirus for your device even if you are very much careful on the Internet.  Some of the famous and most used antiviruses are Avira, Kaspersky, NPAV, Macafee, Avast and much more. These all are very strong when it comes to protecting your device, but are not available for free.

Windows Defender - Basic Computer Security feature

If you do not want to buy these antiviruses, but need a protection then, Windows Defender is best. It is an inbuilt feature of Windows for computer security. It is very simple to use, free and even does not affect any performance of the device.

2. Turn ON Automatic Updates

All the software we use daily have some or the other bugs in it, which makes us vulnerable to attacks from viruses or hackers. These bugs or issues are constantly found – let it be Windows, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Chrome….., the list goes on.

Turn on Automatic Updates

Some people turn Automatic Updates OFF for different reasons. But to keep yourself protected always keep the Automatic Updates ON. Turn ON Automatic Updates for any of your software, if you have turned it OFF previously.


Upgrade to latest Windows

Always keep your software(including your Operating System-Windows) up-to-date to remain protected. All the Major companies roll out updates regularly. These updates fix any bugs or any loopholes in the software. So the only way to protect yourself against the latest known vulnerabilities is by updating. Malicious attackers are always looking for unpatched systems they can attack, and automatic updates keep you off the list.

3. Choose your Passwords Carefully

Everyone knows that passwords are very important, but don’t know how much important or what loss can happen if your password gets in wrong hands.

Always keep your passwords long, include special characters and numbers in them and never use common words as your password such as your name, birth date, mobile number, nicknames etc.

Mostly everyone uses same passwords for all the sites, which makes it easy and less to remember. But, it is not safe to use same passwords for all the sites. If some hackers get the password from one site which is less secure then, he has access to all your accounts since you have same passwords for all the sites. Keep different passwords for different accounts.

You can even get your password randomly generated and saved at a single place with Password Manager software available. One of the best software and app available for generating random unique secure password is LastPass Password Manager. It generates a random password for different accounts, save them securely in one place and even automatic insert them for you while you browse.


Never click on untrusted or unknown links in emails or present on different sites. Don’t open emails from unknown people or don’t click on links in emails you don’t trust. Many of the links look legitimate but are actually fake.

You can examine the links by checking whether it goes to the destination it says it goes. Read the link properly to find fraud names or domains in the link.

5. Carefully Download and Run the programs

Always be careful about the programs you download and run. Only download and run software that’s widely known and trustworthy, or recommended by trustworthy sites. Also always get the software from the official website of the company.

Unknown Publisher

The most important thing which goes without saying, stop pirating software. When you download pirated or cracked software, you are exposing yourself to a huge risk. You unknowingly allow the developer to do anything harmful when you run that cracked software. You can never know if they have included malware withing the program or not.

6. Minimize storage of sensitive information

Delete sensitive information whenever you can. Keep it off of your workstation, laptop computer, and other electronic devices if at all possible. Don’t keep sensitive information or your only copy of critical data, projects, files, etc. on portable or mobile devices (such as laptop computers, tablets, phones, memory sticks, CDs/DVDs, etc.) unless they are properly protected. These items are extra vulnerable to theft or loss.

7. Never Leave Your Computer or Phone Unattended

This may seem obvious but never leave your devices unattended in public. We often leave our devices on the table in a Coffee House or Restaurants, while we are off to grab our order or in the washroom.

If your device gets stolen and you have not provided any of the above security such as passwords then you end up loosing your expensive device as well as your sensitive personal data.


As you can see, none of the above-mentioned ideas require technical knowledge and are not even difficult to implement. Everyone can use these ideas to remain protected.


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