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Ever caught by police for using mobile while driving? Or ever thought how to use your phone will keeping safe driving in mind? Every one of us must have come across situations where we are busy driving and suddenly our phone beeps with notification tone or a call. No Problem at all !! Drivemode app is here to help you.

Even though we are driving and can simply ignore calls and messages, there are situations when it’s necessary to let the other person know that we are driving and won’t able to attend the calls. Whether it’s the situation or the calling person, sometimes we just can’t simply ignore the call. So what you usually do in such situations? Maybe park the vehicle along the roadside and simply receive the call. Or let the phone ring at that time and just inform later that I was driving. Right?

But what if this thing is made easy?  What if you can simply inform callers that you are driving and can’t receive the call? That too without having to even touch your phone or stopping your vehicle? It would be great, won’t it? DriveMode thus exactly this for you. This application simplifies how you use your phone while driving. Drive mode’s voice-enabled commands help you to focus on driving.

Another problem we can face because of attending calls while driving, would be to be caught by the cops for using the phone and attending calls while driving, right?


Cop catching you red handed for using you phone while driving

So, we have found a great application to help you to have a safe and pleasant driving time. Also, not getting caught by police, and having all your attention on the roads.

This application is so well furnished that it works on voice commands. You don’t have to do anything and your phone will do all your work just on your orders

How this driving app works:-

Using this application is damn easy. You just need to log in the app only once by entering ur details and allow the app to use GPS, and requires some other permissions like allowing to manage your calls, messages. Once you have downloaded the app u can easily launch it just by sliding down the notification and pressing the drivemode notification.

The app has different features like:-

  • Dashboard

Here you can set up voice command for using mobile on words instead of using it on fingertips which help to have all the attention on road expect on phone. There are some people who always like to see the speed so the application also comes with speed tracker, with an advanced option of speed alarm, which helps to not exceeding the speed and have a safe and pleasant drive. The main motive of the application is the attention of the driver to be on road and not on the phone.

  • Apps

This option consists of the other applications which are already downloaded, this helps the driver to easily launch the respective whenever required. The apps shown here are the ones which are set as favorites by you.

  • Navigation

Nowadays roads have developed a lot, but with that, it has even got a bit confusing for a new driver who has recently started driving like 3-6 months ago, they cant remember the road. For you guys, this feature is very helpful to find out the destination easily and quickly enough instead of stopping the vehicle and searching for the destination.

  • Music

So music lovers out there, you must agree with the fact that, every ride is incomplete without music, Right? So here comes an option where one tap helps you get a list of all your favorite songs in front of you. All you need is one tap. Just tap on the music slide and the whole music list appears on the mobile screen, after which any song can be played by simple a voice command.

  • Call

For a businessman, other things don’t matter but making a call and receiving it are the main thing. This app even helps them to use it and have their hands on the steering wheel instead of the mobile for making a call while driving.

  • Message

Using this slide the app can also write a message for you and send it to the intended person whom you wish to send a message.


Why use DriveMode app?

Most importantly, to concentrate on driving without worrying about calls and messages. It helps you for keeping all the attention on the road and not on the phone, so you can finally have a safe drive.

The best part of the app?

No matter whether you are an engineer, Doctor, Businessman, serviceman, student or a common man. One thing to which every one of us can relate is the problems of attending important calls and messages while we are driving. At times it becomes important to receive calls or reply to messages for some or other reason.

As on my own experience, Being a Tech Blogger most of my time is consumed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp. After reading our post, the people who have queries message us regarding it which we need to reply ASAP. But while driving we cant reply them but this app has helped us alot. This helps to be social enough and create a good market reputation. So this app is just awesome when you want to be in touch with others when while driving.

Steps For using the app:

  • Go to playstore, search for Drivemode and download it for free.


  • Click on get started once downloaded the app and opened it.
  • Give permission for notification acess for the smooth working of the app.


Notification access for the app

  • For giving the notification acess one have to check on the circle next to application name ‘DriveMode’.


Permission for enabling drive mode

  • Allow the acess to contacts.

Giving permissions

  • Lastly, give the access to record the voice, and use your GPS.

Location access permission

Audio permissions

After which you are ready to go and have fun.

So, download the app now, and make your driving time hassle-free, enjoyable and safe, all at the same time.

What do you think about this application? Do let us know about your opinions in the comment section.


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