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Mobile skin is nothing but stickers pasted on a phone. There are a few companies over India, and skin4gadgets is the one of best. Skin4gadgets is a company that offers Mobile skins, covers and even laptop skins for reasonable pricing and the best quality.

What is a mobile Skin?

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Mobile skin is basically a sticker for your device. most companies nowadays provide an inbox transparent silicone case for the phone. But having the stock back panel is kinda boring sometimes. So writing or doodling something on it, is the deadly mistake. And, skin4gadgets is when helps us to make the back of the phone look interesting and with improved sticker paper quality.

Skin4gadgets mobile skin with manual to apply

Skin4gadgets provides designs by them and also allows the customers to get the designs by their own choice.
When you receive the desired product from skin4gadgets, they not only provide the product but also the instruction manual to ensure the life of the product and the device within.

About Skin4gadgets

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If your gadgets are to speak of who you are, then skin4gadgets proudly presents the most distinctive tool to dress up your phones, laptops, and tablets! Mirror an evident streak of your own persona using our unique personalizing tool that is available to design skins for absolutely any of your gizmos. Skin4gadgets provides for an array of graphics and legendry brushstrokes to choose from. The unending options also include the alternative of uploading your favorite photograph and rounding it off with an edge and sparkle! They make sure your device accessory stands out making a mark. skin4gadgets use the best quality product for the skin ensuring optimum safety for your gear.

More skin4gadets offers

Skin4Gadgets offers customized skin decals for the most popular cell phones, including the Apple iPhone skins, Blackberry skins, and Android skins. Along with the hottest MP3 Players & Laptops, including covers for the following Apple Mac book Decals, Apple Mac book Pro Decals, Dell Decals, HP Decals.


1.Laptop Skins –

  • 11/11.6 INCH LAPTOP SKIN
  • 13/13.3 INCH LAPTOP SKIN
  • 15/15.6 INCH LAPTOP SKIN

2.Customized Products

  • MUGS

4.Mobile Accessories


5. Power Banks

This Independence Day everyone gets 25% off on purchases made at skin4gadgets.

Personal verdict

The sticker paper quality is quite nice. Peeling it off is hard and should be avoided. It is water resistant and dust resistant. Using a silicon transparent case above the mobile skin makes no difference.
Basically, skin4gadegets Mobile skin is a 10 on 10 great product for all devices and conditions to use. Plus they provide a short guide for any product you request.

skin4gadgets guide to use


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