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Yes ! You read it correct. Facebook is always rolling out updates which come in handy and very useful to its users. The Tech Giant Company – Facebook has been very vigilant in terms of giving new updates to its users in equal interval of times, enabling its users to find Facebook more interesting and user-friendly. Facebook rolled out an update allowing its users worldwide to find WiFi Hotspots.

With this new feature, you can locate WiFi Hotspots near you, very easily. This feature comes proves to be very useful when you are traveling, especially when you are in an area where cellular data is low or scarce.

The feature is rolled out for both Android as well as iOS. Just like all other features of Facebook, you can find this feature under the “MORE” tab.

"More" Tab in facebook App

Open the Facebook app, click on “MORE” tab. After that scroll down to Apps Section. Once you locate the “Find Wi-Fi” tab, Facebook notes you may need to turn WiFi and Location on. Then it shows up the list of nearby WiFi Hotspots available, as well as details about the businesses that provide them.

List of WiFi Hotspots

It also gives you the option to see these available WiFi Hotspots on the Map. Click “MAP” on top right corner and you can see all the available WiFi in the Map. You can also get directions to reach the particular WiFi Hotspot

WiFi Hotspots shown on Map

The tool also serves as another way to discover local businesses. That means users might start turning to Facebook to find the closest coffee shop with Wi-Fi, instead of Google Maps.

Facebook will also be rolling out more updates in the near future which comprises of Good Adds up Video, Celebrating the Good People Do, and Sharing Community Stories and Impact.


Use the feature now and find WiFi Hotspots nearby you, very easily.

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