Top 10 Tech gadget available on Amazon under Rs.1000

Budget shopping is a necessity for today’s growing world. Whether it’s buying something as simple as grocery and clothes or as confusing as a tech gadget where we have hundreds and thousands of options available, we always have a budget for everything. And yes nothing can be as good as finding something extremely unique and useful that fits in our budget too. With the growing attraction towards gadgets and with the increasing demand for the same, there is something we all try, is to find the best for the affordable price.

So here are some gadgets that you can get on Amazon for less than Rs. 1000

1. Solar chargeable power bank

Probeatz solar powerbank

Probeatz solar power bank” is a power bank you can charge directly with solar energy without having to lean on power outlets. This can come handy when you are out for a trek or something and when you don’t have power outlets to charge your phone. You can simply charge your power bank with the help of solar energy. It comes with a lithium polymer battery with a battery capacity of 5000mah and is compatible with Android as well as iOS. Complete charging time required is 8 hours for solar charging and 3 hours with AC adapter. It is lightweight power bank with charging cable included and 2 USB ports. You can get this cool tech gadget from Amazon for a price of Rs. 945/-

2. Robot mini hand cooler

Geekgoodies rechargable mini hand cooler

If you are robot fan this is something for you. “Geek Goodies Rechargeable portable mini Cooler hand fan” is a rechargeable fan you can use on your desk or anywhere you want. Once you remove the robot head, you can use it as a fan as long as it has sufficient battery. It has a rechargeable battery and a charging cable included. It comes with a battery capacity of 700mah. So if you are someone who can’t tolerate heat even for a minute, this is something which can come handy for you. You can get it from Amazon for a price of  Rs. 579/-

3. VR shinecon

Zebrics VR shinecon


Turn your smartphone into a Virtual Reality Viewer. “Zebrics” VR shinecon is a 360-degree viewing gaming headset for gaming with virtual reality. Compatible with all smartphones with a display size of 4.7 inches to 6 inches. Now you can enjoy 3d movies or VR games with this VR shinecon at an affordable price. It comes with soft leather edges around the face mask and adjustable strips. It is compatible with iPhone as well as Android with more than 300 apps on Apple app store and Google play store for you to download and enjoy the shocking 3d effect. No batteries required. You can get this fun tech gadget from Amazon for a price of Rs. 488/-

4. eAlarm

BASU eAlarm

BASU eAlarm” is a compact yet powerful safety alarm that emits a loud sound of 120 decibels in the range of 500 to 1000 meters whenever the pin is detached. If someone tries to attack you or come near you or makes an attempt to steal something from you, you can easily alert others within the range of BASU eAlarm, by detaching the pin from the device. This will lead to an alarm with a sound of the same capacity as that of an ambulance Sirron. It comes with a battery life of 5 years. The alarm will sound for 30 minutes. This tiny yet awesome tech gadget is available on Amazon for a price of Rs. 999/-

5. Mi power bank 2i

Mi powerbank 2i 1000mah

Mi power bank 2i comes with a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 10000mah. It is easy to carry with a weight of 240 grams. Comes with dual USB ports and is compatible with both Android as well as iOS. It adjusts power output up to 18W to deliver fast and efficient charging to every connected device. It also comes with a 6-month warranty. Cable type: micro USB. You can get it from Amazon for a price of Rs. 899/-

6. A tiny yet useful tech gadget -Pressy


Gadgethug” smart audio/ video button is a made in India android smart button that can be inserted into the headphone socket of any smartphone or tablet. This device can be used as an extra button for your Android to perform quick switches and tasks instantly on the device without having to navigate through the complex menu on your phone or tablet. This device will need installation of certain compatible software to enable you to perform desired tasks. Compatible with Android 4.0 and above. Material: steel. Get this useful tech gadget from Amazon for a price of Rs. 599/-

7. Mobile holder for bikes

Iceberg mobile holder for bikes

This tech gadget is especially for riders. Iceberg” smartphone motorbike holder is a 360 degree rotational, universal motorbike phone mount, suitable for 3.5″ to 6.5″ smartphones or cell phones. Made up of lightweight plastic material, It is easy to install under the rearview mirror of the bike. No other tools required. It is a flexible and completely rotatable mount. Buckle structure phone cradle guarantees that phone will not fall off from the holder. It can bring your comfortable experiences. Whether it’s managing calls/messages or following directions for reaching your destination, you can use your phone comfortably with this holder. You can buy it from Amazon at a price of Rs. 490/-

8. Bluetooth camera/selfie button

Skudgear Bluetooth camera / selfie button - a tech gadget for selfie lovers

This tech gadget is something very helpful for photoholics or selfie lovers. “Skudgear” camera / selfie remote for android and ios is a Bluetooth shutter compatible with cameras , mobiles and tablets . It helps you to perform wireless operations within the operating range of 10M. Shutter will work at up to 30 feet from your phone, ideal for selfies and group photographs . This ultra-compact Bluetooth shutter is small enough to use a keychain. It comes with a keyring hole making it easy to carry. Pair , open the app , click to take pictures or start/ stop the videos. With this remote shutter , it is as easy as that . No more blurry photos because this remote shutter eliminates camera shakes. Get it now from Amazon at a price of Rs. 649/-

9. USB hub

Flujo usb 3.0 hub

Flujo” USB 3.0 hub gives you instant expansion. Now Turn one of your computer’s USB port into 4 ports. This innovative and stylish hub comes with a foldable cable for MacBook, ultrabook, and laptops. It is ultra portable and slides easily into bag purse or pocket. Comes with a super speed of 5gbps data transfer and transfer full HD movie within seconds. Plug and play. No devices required. Compatible with all Windows / Mac / Linux systems, this device comes with a warranty of 12 months. You can buy this from Amazon for at a price of Rs. 999/-

10. Bluetooth receiver.

Generic bluetooth receiver

Generic” Bluetooth receiver helps you enjoy wireless music. From cars, motorcycle or boats to any of the audiovisual systems and headphones, this car stereo music receiver can be connected to any audio device. The receiver weighs less than 100 grams and can be plugged in anywhere. It can be easily connected without the cable and one can listen to music from one’s laptop, mobile or tablet. The device comes with a 3.5 mm Jack. Just switch on the Bluetooth and connect your devices to listen to the music. With this device in your car, traffic jams will no longer seem monotonous and long drives would be enjoyable and pleasant. Get this from Amazon at a great affordable price of Rs. 299/-

Bonus :

Bonus because this one is not under 1k but this is definitely something worth giving a thought.

USB Wireless Charger :

Moco best usb charger

“Moco Best” micro USB cable is a great pocket size charger for android devices. The device is small enough to be used as even a keychain holder. With this small wireless charger, you never have to worry about being stranded without battery. Compatible with Kindle, smartphone, tablet, camera, hard drive, etc. Cable is 3 Inches long and can be easily folded in, half being held by an inbuilt magnet which makes it, even more, smaller while you are not using it. No batteries required. You can get it from Amazon at a price of Rs. 1609/-


These were some gadgets available on Amazon for less than Rs. 1000, which we found useful and great. Was this information useful and helpful for you? Do let us know about in the comments below.


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