How to Reset your Windows Password

Windows Password reset made easy with password reset disk.

Password reset disk helps you get access to your account easily, without much panicking.

Forgetting things is a human nature. even though some may have a sharp and strong memory, we can’t deny the fact that, for some, it’s difficult to remember small things. So when we know we can face difficulties in remembering things, we need to be more cautious and more alert, right?

Yes! Being proactive in life goes a long way and can solve our everyday problems very easily.

Have you ever faced the situation when you leave your house to put the trash out or just to gossip a little with your neighbor and then you suddenly hear that weird sound of your door and it turns out that the door is locked and your heart skips a bit remembering that you don’t have the keys with you? For such little things, we always think ahead and hand over a set of our keys to our near and dear ones. So in case of having forgotten the keys, we can just turn to our friends or neighbors and simply get inside our house by using that extra set of keys.

The same applies to all other things in life. Forgetting something is not in our hands and we can forget anything. Whether it’s forgetting about keys or phone or even some of our passwords. Nowadays everyone has lots of accounts for different purposes and we need to remember every password very well. Of course, in today’s age, we can’t use the same password for all accounts. So how to remember those passwords and what to do if we somehow forget the password?

Let’s take the most common example. Our computer or laptop which is the important part of our life. What if we forget our windows password?

How to reset windows password to access your computer if you have forgotten your computer password? There are situations when you just can’t remember your passwords even if you have known the password for long. You may think that you know the password, but no matter how much you try and how many attempts you make to get into your computer, you just can’t figure out the password and you start panicking. The more combinations you try, the more you get tensed.

Being tensed for forgetting your password.

But now, with password reset disk, it doesn’t have to be that way. Just like the spare set of keys, the little thinking ahead can go a long way in this case too.

A little planning and all the stress of the moment never need to happen. In any of Windows Vista, XP or Windows 7 you can create a password reset disk. If your computer still has a floppy disk drive, you can use that if you want.
Otherwise, you can use a USB flash drive or even an SD memory card if your computer has a port for those cards. And it doesn’t need to be too big. It can be any old one that you don’t use anymore, bcoz it’s just 4M capacity.

So here’s genius the trick for creating windows Password Reset Disk:

1.Plug in your USB flash drive / SD memory card, etc. which you want to set as Password Reset Disk.

2. Go to control panel.

Control Panel


3. User accounts and family safety ->User account.

User accounts and family safety    User Accounts

4. Click on “Create a password reset disk”. (The option will be available on Left side)

Click on "Create a password reset disk"

5. A Forgotten Password wizard will appear. Click Next.

Forgotten Password wizard

6. Select the USB Device which you want to set as Password Reset Disk.

Select the USB Device

7. Enter the current Password for the selected User Account. Click Next.

Enter the current Password

8. It may take only a couple of seconds. Click next when the process is completed.

process is completed.

9. Click Finish. Your Password Reset Disk is ready.

Password Reset Disk is ready

10. Remove the disk and store it in a safe place.

Yeah! Your job is done. It will only take 5 minutes or less, but the time spent will be worth spending when you use that disk.

How to use it to reset the password:

The disk will work as long as it is used on the computer it was created on, for the account it was created for. If you have more than one computer, it will require as many disks as the computers you have. The day your manual password attempt fails, you can just get the disk and insert in your computer.

All you have to do is simply :

1. Enter the last Password you remember.

2. Click Reset Password.


3. Password reset wizard appears on the screen. Click Next.

4. Plug the reset disk (which was used as the disk) into the device. Select the USB device. Click Next.

5. Enter the new password which is secure and also easy to remember.

6. Re-enter the password to confirm. You can also set a hint for the new password. Click Next.

7. Congratulations !!! You have successfully reset your password for the selected user account.

8. You can now Login using your new Password.


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