Xafecopy Malware – Steals money through Mobiles

A new malware Xafecopy Trojan has been detected in India which steals money through victims’ mobile phones, cyber security firm Kaspersky said in a report.

Around 40% of target of the malware has been detected in India.

In today’s time, each and every country is being protected by their Loyal, Honest and Powerful soldiers. But there are some problems which hollow the Nations.

These problems are nothing but different types of malware created by some extreme users of technology. Just like every coin has two sides- Use of the internet, smartphones, etc. is indeed a good thing but with some disadvantages. Some people misuse it and try to make money out of it.

Recently a new type of malware called Xafecopy Trojan is detected. This malware steals money from one’s mobile phone without their knowledge.

We all know malware can easily enter into a device by some wrong clicks or any other means. But this malware enters into the phone as hidden background on the name of some useful apps that we use in our day-to-day life and which we feel is useful. For example, the ones like battery saver, battery master, anti-virus etc. And starts stealing money once the app is installed.

How does Xafecopy malware work :

This malware secretly hacks the phone and enters the malicious code onto the device.

Once activated, the Xafecopy malware clicks on web pages with WAP billing – a form of mobile payment that charges costs directly to the user’s mobile phone bill. After this, the malware silently subscribes the phone to a number of services.

Xafecopy Trojan is so advanced that it doesn’t require any type of registration. Neither debit/credit card setup nor any username and password. It directly gets included in phone bill or so. This malware is so much capable that it can even bypass captcha system, which is prepared to protect the user. Captcha authenticates that the entire related task is done by a human and not a machine and not even hacked.

In captcha system, the mobile user need to type a group of some numbers and letters manually which proves you are a human and not a machine or any kind of robot. Xafecopy Trojan is so highly developed that even captcha security can’t stop it from stealing money.

Effects of Xafecopy Malware till now :

Xafecopy Trojan has hit 4,500 people in more than 47 countries within a space of one single month. Xafecopy Trojan creator is not so great as 37.5% of his work is detected and blocked.

Current target for this malware is India as it is going cashless now a days and being digital is a trend here nowadays,  that is no cash but only cheque, net banking and other means of money transfer like BHIM, etc. are used. Which is later followed by Russia, Turkey, and Mexico? Malware is targeting only such countries where the online transaction is popular and getting in trend.

It is said that cyber-criminal gangs are sharing this malware among themselves with the intention to spread the malware in each and every country.

Every android user needs to be extremely cautious and learn how to download any software in a harmless way. It is best to not to believe in third-party software. And if ever downloaded it needs to be scanned locally and also a running security suite should be available.

The malware is also detected with the upgrades like ability to make text messages, block call from the bank about stolen money and delete SMS about stolen money

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