Google Pixel Slate – Tablet or a Laptop?

Google launches their new Pixel Tablet named as Google Pixel Slate. A question arises that why is Google launching tablets in 2018. Is it to make tablets better again or giving a competition to other brands coming up with tablets and using open software: Chrome OS. Anyway, here is what the Google pixel slate has to offer you.

Pixel Slate Specifications –

OS                     Chrome OS

Weight              1.6 pounds

Screen               12 inches, 3000x4000pixels

Camera             Front with 8mp, wide angle
                         Back with 8mp

Ports                 2x USB-C ports
                         Keyboard Connector

Variants            4GB RAM, 32GB SSD, 8th Gen Intel CELERON
                         6GB RAM, 64GB SSD, 8th Gen Intel CELERON
                         8GB RAM, 64GB SSD, 8th Gen Intel CORE M3
                         8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 8th Gen Intel CORE i5
                         16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 8th Gen Intel CORE i7

Accessories       Pixel Slate Keyboard – USD 199
                          PixelBook Pen – USD 99


Pixel Slate Exclusives

  • Improved Screen Quality – As the Pixel Slate is a laptop and a tablet, the user will be using it on their laps or in hands for a longer period of time. So to remove the heating issue in the device Google came up with a new technology to build a custom design. This uses a low-temperature polycrystalline silicate that is much brighter than a conventional tablet screen and lights up faster too. Moving electrons a hundred times faster allows the user to light up the screen much more efficiently.
  • Fingerprint reader on the Power button – The minimal design and the use of the latest technology has made users comfortable using the Pixel Slate. As most of the smartphones have a fingerprint scanner on them, it was an important step to be taken.
  • Pixel Slate Keyboard with Small, Round, Back Lit Keys – Google devices with a backlit keyboard was a rare sight to get. And Google has solved this problem. The reason to have round and small keys on the Pixel Slate Keyboard than the conventional keyboards was to increase the efficiency of the users typing experience. With round keys the probability of mistyping reduced to a greater extent. And with the keys being smaller the size of the Pixel Slate Keyboard also reduced giving the user more space and increasing the precise key reach.

Pixel Slate is almost the perfect combination between a tablet and a laptop. It’s in laptop mode when connected to the Keyboard. And when disconnected it switches to tablet mode and allows the user to use apps in multiple resizeable tabs. As a touch is what allows the user to feel closer to their data and device.

Now that you have read this post till this point, let me answer the question I came up with earlier.

  • The users are ready to use devices that are hybrid and easy to use.
  • Chrome OS available on Google Pixel Slate is way better than its earlier versions. And Google has made several modifications on various levels straight from user to an app developer.
  • Google is ready and is the best at making hardware. Despite it is early, Google is making the best devices possibly before the future.

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