Samsung Galaxy J7 MAX

In today world of technology, Samsung always comes up with a phone. today we are talking about Samsung Galaxy J7 MAX which is a new and updated phone of j series.

As in India nowadays trending part of going cashless and make use of the card or use an e-payments method is going on. So for that, Samsung Galaxy J7 MAX has got a feature of Samsung pay mini for instant payment. Which will help people in lots of ways, and supports Digital India.


Features of Samsung Galaxy J7 MAX:-

  • pay mini
  • instant camera sharing
  • 1.6 Octa-Core processor
  • 3300 mah battery
  • Android Version 7.0 ( Nougat )
  • smart glow
  • 3 / 4 GB RAM
  • 34 GB ROM ( expandable up to 256 GB )
  • 13 MP front camera and 13 MP back camera (with led flash)
  • 14.47 cm Full HD  TFT screen ( 5.7 ” )
  • metal body
  • available in 2 colors:- 1. Gold
    2. Black
  • 8.1 mm thickness
  • Connectivity:- 4G
  • 3 dedicated slots:- 2 for sim card, 1 for memory


What is Pay Mini?   

In today’s world where everyone is going cashless and being digital Samsung J7 MAX has come up with a feature of pay mine were one can easily pay from his or her e-wallet just by swiping upward from the bottom of the phone screen.

It makes the payment process quickly and takes the least time to send payment.

This is very nice thought for making everyone go cashless and become a digital world. Without fear or trouble.



What is Smart Glow?

Smart Glow is a type of indicator which helps to take perfect pictures. And also quickly notify when there is an incoming call or a message.



What is Instant Camera Sharing?

Clicking picture is not an issue at all but when it comes to sharing it with family or friends, mostly everyone gets bored so J7 MAX has introduced Instant Camera Sharing, with the help of it, one can easily share pictures with anyone.whether it be Whatsapp, Facebook, Google, etc. It reduces the work and now with the help of this one can share all the moments with his or her loved once’s without getting bored.




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