Google powered levi’s smart jacket

Yes, u read it correct! A google powered smart jacket. Now after reading google powered, u may analyze things regarding this jacket. Google has never failed to amaze us with it’s different services. So, Just by reading google powered, you must have understood the greatness of this jacket. So let’s understand something more about this jacket.
Jacquard : google and levi’s smart denim jacket.
Have you ever wondered about a smart jacket that connects to the internet? If not, then this is the time to wonder that how something like this would work. Because one such jacket is here now. A google powered smart jacket by levi’s.

About this jacket :

This jacket connects to the internet. The Jacquard fabric is integrated into the jacket and allows the smart features to work. The jacket includes a “smart tag”, which is basically a smart watch without watch. It lights up in various colors, vibrates when receiving notifications, can be tapped to issue commands and is the hub of the jacket.

Touch sensitive sleeves of this smart jacket

The sleeves itself of this jacket are touch sensitive. All you have to do is simple stroke your arm to control your smartphone. You just have to add a small little “tag” to the left cuff of your jacket, connect it with your smartphone and go thorough the tutorials that sets up the three different gestures that you can configure. You can brush in, brush out and double tap. There’s a fourth gesture by which you can switch your phone off just by holding your hand on the fabric.

Basic idea behind the design of this smart jacket :

This idea can help you while riding a bike or driving when you can’t operate your smartphone easily.

Device operation Help for riders with the smart jacket sleeves.

Using this jacket would be much less messy than using our normal touch screen smartphone. It’s a lot safer. So, this jacket gives you more stuff than just gadget’s technical capabilities. Jacquard system can automatically tell when you are wearing this jacket and and it sets up your phone to a kind of bike mode. It even reads texts for you. Either aloud or through your headphones. It can also be configured to only allowed calls and messages from important people.
This jacket called “levi’s commuter trucker jacket” allows you to do all basic gadget things like playing and pausing music, getting directions or reading oncoming messages.

Working :

This works because the gesture-sensing sensors (“Jacquard Threads”) are woven into the jacket’s cuff, and are then wirelessly connected to the wearer’s mobile phone using tiny electronics embedded inside the sleeve in a flexible snap tag, Google explains. This tag will also alert you to incoming calls and texts using haptic feedback and light. The jacket works with iOS or Android devices, even though it’s from Google.


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