iOS 12 Beta Updates

iOS 12 beta updates !!! With the upcoming WWDC event apple would be launching a ton of software applications. These applications will definitely benefit it’s users. The most awaited ones are the apple’s iOS 12.1 Beta and the Mac OS 10.14. Alongside many other softwares such as Apple Watch OS 5, TV OS 12, HomePod iOS 12v. But what are the most likely features every iPhone iOS 11 user expects from the new iOS 12 Beta ? Let’s Find out.

First is, the apple iOS 12 upgrade option will be supporting which devices?:

Rumour is that Apple iPhone 5s and further devices will have an upgradable option to iOS 12.1 Beta. But our guess is every single device that currently runs iOS 11 will support iOS 12.

Will you be able to install the new iOS version as soon as the event is finished on June 3rd?:

The answer to this question simple. If you’re an iOS developer and pay the developer fees you are easily able to install the software on any of your iOS devices. If not, you’ll have to wait like the common people for approximately about 20-25 days for the normal launch.

Should you install the new iOS 12 Beta as soon as it is launched?:

From my experience when i first installed the 11 Beta the battery was affected. Another issue was, phone was a bit laggy at times, and there where some bugs. So I would suggest to wait for the official public beta. It usually takes 20-21 days till it’s launched. Till then Apple fixes all the bugs and issues which comes from the developers installing it on the first day.

So what are the features of the new iOS 12 beta?:

iOS 12 split view

It is not as game changing as the iOS 11 was, which brought in the new control center with, overhaul of the lock screen etc . But it’ll certainly tweak the changes made in the iOS 11. Its primary focus is to improve the usability of your phone. iOS 12 will tweak the iPads giving them a support for the cross platform applications. So, users will be able to use the iPad applications on the mac.

On the iPhone X there will be a horizontal faceId. Which means you do not have to tilt your phone straight to unlock every single time. The iPhone X+ has split screen supporting multiple apps. So if you’re using the phone in landscape mode the horizontal FaceId is quite effective.

New emojis

There will be new animojis for the iPhone and new animojis in general so over a 150 more animojis. Also a possibility of reversible animojis.

Searching stuff from photos

Deeper Siri Search Integration within photos so should able to search stuff from the photos as well, giving more accurate search results.

A new DND 2.0(Do Not Disturb) mode will be available for users who wish to filter specific calls to deny a particular spam call etc.

Updated AR will allow multi player gaming with multiple iPhone’s at the same time giving users a much vivid and classic experience of the AR.


Apple will be giving iBooks a new name like just “Books” as Apple wants to make it more competitive to amazon.

iOS 12 dark mode

A dark mode on iOS is a possibility as it’ll be amazing to have a darker much more bolder theme on the iOS but it’s still a rumor.

Apple will stream the event online on 4th June so watch out for the launch. Also you can visit the WWDC website to book tickets for the launch event and more information.

Source : EverythingApplePro


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