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3D printed ring with a unique sound wave

What is 3D Printing?

Selfies at Time To 3D

3D Printing – is the most often used term for Additive manufacturing – is the process of creating a solid three-dimensional physical object from a digital file or design. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods where a material is removed from a solid block, 3D printing technologies build products layer-by-layer, only adding material where it is needed. A variety of 3D Printing technologies enables a wide range of materials to be processed, including polymers, resin, plastic, paper, wax, sandstone, metals, ceramics, and biomaterials. First commercialised in the late 1980s, additive manufacturing technology initially found widespread usage in producing prototypes and tooling; but is also being applied across various industries such as automation, aerospace, engineering, architecture, jewellery, medical, dental, casting/moulding, rapid prototyping, fashion, interior design, art, education and entertainment.

About Time To 3D:

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Time To 3D is India’s first-of-its-kind 3D printing hub located at Mumbai. While 3D printing technology has been around for three decades, it has mainly been restricted to industrial and B2B applications. Founder Mr. Rahul Shah sensed the need to bring this technology to direct consumers and to bridge the gap between technological advancement and public awareness. As a result, Time To 3D was founded with the aim of creating a platform to increase awareness on 3D printing and to engage directly with consumers.

This initiative is a partnership between Imaginarium (India’s largest 3D printing company) and the Time Media Group. You will find state of the art equipment at the hub that can cater to both consumers and industries. As planned consumers have full access to 3D printing technology at this hub.

Highlights at the Hub

1. 3D Printing Services

Consumers and enthusiasts of 3D printing now have an all access brick and mortar store where they can get all their 3D printing requirements met. Customers have a choice of bringing in their own 3D digital file or download one free from the internet. They can also choose from a range of novelty customized products including miniature selfies of themselves.

3D Printing Machine

2. Workshops/Courses

Regular workshops and courses are conducted at the hub that is designed for anyone of any age in any field where no prior knowledge of 3D printing is required. These workshops can also be tailor made for large groups that want to host an event such as seminars, offsite activities, kids birthdays and so on.

Workshops by Time To 3D

3. Doodle Pen Sessions

Compact and easy to use 3D doodle pens extrudes heated plastic that cools down immediately to form a solid object. The hub offers hands on 3D doodle pen sessions for 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes.

3D Doodle Pen

4. Consumer Offering

Digital designs of the consumers are printed as real objects. Using latest 3D printers and software consumers can 3D print any household item or even a school project in a wide range of materials. Imagination is the only limit

3D printed goodies

5. Business Offering

Time To 3D caters to clientele in the fields of jewelry, engineering, aerospace, architecture, medical, dental, fashion, interior design, automobile, prototyping, manufacturing, education, casting/molding, entertainment and much more.

3D printed ring with a unique sound wave

6. Birthday Parties

At Time To 3D, a combination of fun and learning is served to young consumers. Birthdays parties are organized in a manner that children enjoy themselves while learning. Party activities include an introduction to 3D printing, hands on scanning and doodling sessions.

7. Other offerings

True to their word of being a one stop shop for 3D printing, the hub also offers 3D printers, 3D doodle pens and 3D filaments for customers to purchase directly. Unlike any other platform, consumers have the opportunity to walk in and experience 3D printers and doodle pens first hand before making a purchase.

Time To 3D in Mumbai

Time Media Communications Pvt. Ltd.:
Time To 3D
22, Seva Sadan, D.J. Road,
Vile Parle (West), Mumbai 400 056.
Reach here using GMaps.
Website: www.timeto3d.com
Email: info.timeto3d@gmail.com

Imaginarium India:
7th Floor, The Great Oasis,
D-13, Road No 21, MIDC,
Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 093.
Website: www.imaginarium.io
Email: resha@imaginarium.io

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