Videocon Wallcam partners with Vodafone

Videocon Wallcam and Vodafone come together to launch the first of its kind 4G bundled CCTV solution. Among the solutions rolled out include 4G enabled vehicle surveillance kit and stand-alone 4G enabled Outdoor/indoor CCTV cameras, both with a 4G sim slot to support 4G connectivity.

The mobile vehicle surveillance kit consisting of vibration resistant, shock proof and vandal proof CCTV cameras in option of 1.3 & 2 Mega pixel resolution; and vibration resistant Digital video recorder (DVR), can be installed in buses, trucks, trains, cabs/cars etc. The DVR comes equipped with 4G/3G connectivity, GPS (Global positioning system), WiFi and option of recording the footage on a Hard-drive and/or SD card. Available in 4 and 8 Channel option, the DVR can accommodate up to 4/8 CCTV cameras as per the requirement.

The stand-alone 4G cameras available in 2MP resolution will be 4G & WiFi enabled. These cameras will also support on board SD memory of up to 64 GB. These cameras will be available in weather proof, all metal bullet housing for Outdoor use, and plastic dome housing for indoor use. Among other key features in both solutions will be Night view, motion detection, WiFi connectivity & alarm.

Bundled with Vodafone 4G connectivity, the solutions will provide seamless connectivity to the users for remote view of real time/live footage and playback from recorded footage, anywhere, anytime thru a smart-phone application or internet based monitoring system application. The solution also works on 3G connectivity as a fall back.

We are pleased to partner with Vodafone for this industry first 4G bundled CCTV solution. For any IoT based solution, seamless connectivity for the connected devices is the key, and our obvious choice basis their global IOT expertise and experience was Vodafone. 4G connectivity will make CCTV solution ubiquitous and will change the way this solution will be used. CCTV cameras will no longer be limited to stationary and WiFi / broadband enabled places. Now CCTV solutions can be installed in mobile units such as buses, trains, trucks, tubes, cars/cabs and public places like bus shelters, streets etc. where there is no WiFi/broadband connectivity. This solution is a smart and simple way to secure your office, home and vehicles.”,said Videocon.

“Vodafone is a global leader in IOT with over 50 million IOT connections. Following successful deployment of IoT solutions in India across Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities, Transportation and Logistics, we are delighted to partner with Videocon Wallcam to introduce India’s first 4G enabled & bundled CCTV solution. Our exclusive, proprietary platform for IoT, powered by Vodafone Super-net 4G will deliver a convenient and seamless user experience”,said Vodafone.

About Videocon Wallcam

Videocon Wallcam is an End-to-End security and surveillance solution provider addressing Enterprise, Corporate, Government and Retail sector. Among the solutions provided by the brand includes Video Surveillance solutions – AHD & IP based cameras & recorders; Access control solutions – RF-ID & bio-metric access, Boom Barriers & Bollards; Detection systems – X-ray baggage scanners, Walk thru and hand held metal detectors; Sensors & Alarms – Intrusion sensors & fire/smoke alarms; and complete Smart city and Smart homes solution.

With the help of its worldwide R&D and design center and technology partners, the brand had pioneered various industry first solutions. Videocon Wallcam is a ‘Make in India’ brand and is committed to make security a way of life by continuously innovating, optimizing cost  and making security & surveillance affordable for all customer segments.

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